Nov 30

vomFoss now open in Hughes Landing

by The Woodlands

The Houston area’s first flagship vomFASS ("from the cask”) store is now open at Restaurant Row, 1950 Hughes Landing, Suite 1800, in The Woodlands.  In addition to the unique selection of the finest artisanal olive, nut, and seed oils and balsamic vinegars, this flagship vomFASS store adds an outstanding collection of the finest tequilas, brandies, cognacs, grappas, Irish single malt whiskies, Scotch, absinthes and liqueurs available anywhere in the United States.  Many of these spirits are sold only at vomFASS.  Most of the oils, vinegars and spirits in the store can be sampled from the cask before purchase and are then sold in elegant bottles ranging in size from small (50 ml) to large (750 ml).

vomFASSThe Woodlands is also the first vomFASS store in the U.S. to introduce the stunning new black and silver "industrial” décor as a background for the massive array of wooden casks from which spirits, liqueurs, oils and vinegars are sampled.

vomFASSoils and vinegars are made in small batches by small local European farms and offered exclusively to vomFASS through longstanding relationships.  The unique care given to the creation of each product guarantees outstanding quality.  vomFASSitself produces the award-winning fruit vinegars sold in the store, in the beautiful Upper Swabia region of Germany, near the Alps.

Handpicked vomFASSspirits and liqueurs are also obtained through long-nurtured relationships with the most renowned distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United States, and other parts of the world.  Many of these spirits are made especially for vomFASS

Among the most exquisite spirits at the new vomFASS The Woodlands are the following:

·"Jack’s Choice” from Teeling Whiskey in Dublin, an 11-year old single malt aged in bourbon barrels and finished with three months in Sauterne casks.  It is perhaps the most complex Irish whiskey available.

·Fernandez Brandy de Jerez, Solera Gran Reserva, from Jerez in Andalusia, Spain.  This brandy is a rare Solera Gran Reserva, matured for 10 to 15 years in Spanish oak casks.  It is dark, complex, concentrated and rich.

·Apricot Liqueur with Grappa from apricot juice and specially selected Italian grappa.  It can be mixed with sparkling wine or soda, drizzled over vanilla ice cream, added to espresso, or mixed with equal parts vomFASS Armagnac.

·Clase Azul Plata, Reposado, Anejo and Ultra Tequilas, distilled from the finest organic agaves, slow-cooked in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours, fermented using a proprietary yeast strain, and decanted into hand-sculpted and painted ceramic bottles, each one a unique work of art.

·Clase Azul Mezcal and La Pinta, a pomegranate liqueur made with tequila.

Among the oils and vinegars, some favorites are the Aceto Balsamico Maletti from Modena, Italy and the Blueberry Balsamic Star and Mango Balsam fruit vinegars.  Complete lists of products sold at vomFASSThe Woodlands are readily available.

Another intriguing product to be sold at vomFASS The Woodlands is the absinthe fountain, available in various designs and with appropriate accessories.   Absinthe fountains are modeled on the way absinthe was consumed in Parisian cafes back in the late 19th century.  The fountain is not used to pour absinthe into glasses, but to add cooled water to absinthe, often poured over a sugar cube in a perforated spoon balanced on top of the traditional pontarlier absinthe glass (also sold at vomFASS The Woodlands).  Absinthe contains up to 70 percent alcohol.  The addition of water slowly dilutes the drink and changes the color from dark emerald to a light, shimmering milky green.

vomFASSThe Woodlands also offers a selection of gift baskets that can be custom-designed according to the desires of the individual patron. 

Maria Pimienta owns and manages vomFASS The Woodlands.  Born and raised in Mexico City, Maria and her husband Arturo have lived in The Woodlands for 28 years.  Maria worked in corporate gifting for a major construction company and has experience in fundraising for many nonprofit organizations such as The John Cooper School, the Northwoods Catholic School, The Woodlands Symphony and the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Maria and Arturo have long enjoyed traveling and sampling foods and spirits from all over the world.

vomFASSproducts offer new, delicious taste sensations and the glories of a Mediterranean diet at its finest.  Best of all, every visitor to vomFASS The Woodlands may sample vomFASSspirits, oils and vinegars directly "from the cask,” experiencing a wide range of enchanting tastes and then selecting their favorites to enjoy at home.