Apr 07 at 10:47am

The man behind our wildflowers

by Audrey Seykora

"So when someone drives down Lake Woodlands or North Bridgeland Lake Parkway and comments on how beautiful the landscaping is, it’s you who made that happen?”

Marcus Fiedler nods with a soft smile. 

Despite his humility, the scale of Fiedler’s work is anything but modest. As the Director of Landscape Management for The Woodlands Development Company, he’s responsible for maintaining the amenity both developments have become known for: green space.

Fiedler and I sat down to discuss wildflower season, which has made both communities something of destinations from March to April. He ordered and planted nearly 4,000 pounds of Scarlet Flax, Toad Flax, Corn Poppy and California Poppy this year. And as any true Texan would, he mixed 600 pounds of bluebonnets in there, too.

"That fact that we set aside land to plant wildflowers is really unique,” Fiedler explains. "It really speaks to how nature-oriented both communities strive to be. Beyond their beauty, the wildflowers are also very sustainable from a water conservation and emissions standpoint.”

The eyes and ears of the community

When you consider the size of both projects—The Woodlands at 28,000 acres, and Bridgeland at 11,400—it’s impressive that Fiedler is somewhat of a one-man show.

"I’m really the eyes and ears of the community,” Fiedler says. "My team and I listen to residents’ feedback and take it to heart.”

That’s why, for instance, the scope of Bridgeland’s wildflowers is more confined this year. After introducing the program in 2013, residents reached out to Fiedler to say they liked the spring color, but wanted it to look more manicured. On the other hand, wildflowers are spread throughout The Woodlands, creating an aesthetic its residents have come to love over its 42-year history.

On top of partnering with residents, Fiedler also works directly with The Woodlands Township and the Bridgeland Home Owners Association, as well as maintenance companies for both communities. Together, they make decisions about what will be planted, how frequently open spaces will be moved and other important landscaping decisions.

"Relationships are a big part of this job,” he explains. "I work with people from all sectors of land development. When you pull everyone’s resources together, it’s powerful.” 

After Fielder leaves, I open Instagram to see how many people have posted in Bridgeland and The Woodlands that day – something I do frequently as the Digital Marketing Manager for both communities. My feed fills with wildflower pictures. Families, couples, individuals young and old. Each stopping to enjoy and capture the beauty of Fiedler’s work.

Powerful indeed. 


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That fact that we set aside land to plant wildflowers is really unique." -Marcus Fiedler, Director of Landscape Management

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