Jun 10 at 9:28am

Roses are a 'Knock Out' in The Woodlands

by The Woodlands

Love and beauty often come to mind when a person thinks of a rose.  Perhaps, you may even think of the flower as a gift for Valentine’s Day, but did you know that June is National Rose Month?  

What better way to admire roses than to look for them around The Woodlands. "We have planted roses in high impact areas throughout Town Center and some newer neighborhoods,” said Marcus Fiedler, Director of Landscape Management for The Woodlands Development Company. "One of the more popular roses that we have planted is the Knock Out® Rose because it is the most disease-resistant rose available. The Knock Out Rose is simply an improved variety of the popular flower.”

First introduced in 2000, the Knock Out Rose blooms nearly all-year round. Also in 2000, the Knock Out Rose won the prestigious All-American Rose Selection (AARS) award for "outstanding garden performance.”

You can see Knock Out Roses in these community areas:

·       Hughes Landing Boardwalk

·       East Shore entrance

·       The Woodlands Reserve in the Village of Indian Springs

·       Timarron Lakes entrances in the Village of Creekside Park

Another type of rose in The Woodlands is the Drift® Rose. These roses are a combination of small, miniature roses and offer full-size groundcover. "The Drift Rose blooms profusely, and its colors are dramatic,” said Fiedler.

Drift Roses can be found at:

·       Town Green Park

·       Some medians on Lake Front Circle

The Climbing Rose is the perfect flower for fences and presents a green vegetative area with color, according to Fiedler. 

You will find the Climbing Rose at the newest dog, recreational area:

·       Hughes Landing Dog Park on Lake Woodlands

When designing some of the newer office buildings in Hughes Landing and 3 Waterway Square, the landscape architect searched for a rose that would bloom generously with a white flower.  Eventually, the Iceberg Rose was selected, which is related to the Knock Out Rose. It’s a low-maintenance rose that blooms frequently and is disease-resistant. 

You will find Iceberg Roses at:

·       Exterior of 1725 and 1735 Hughes Landing Blvd.

·       Exterior of 3 Waterway Square in front of Kona Grill

Take a road trip around The Woodlands to discover roses and all of the beautiful landscape throughout the community.