Feb 13 at 3:07pm

Make Valentine’s Day healthy for American Heart Month

by The Woodlands

Valentine’s Day is filled with candy, cards and flowers.  Approximately 62% of adults celebrate Valentine’s Day every year, according to History.com.  Men purchase about 73% of flowers on Valentine’s Day while women make up 27% of the purchase power, SoftSchools.com states. With February being American Heart Month, how about being healthy for the romantic day.

 Here’s some fun ideas:

·       Be active together– Take a romantic walk, hike or bike ride together. The Woodlands has 212 miles of pathways to enjoy. Kayaking on Lake Woodlands together can also be fun.

·       Home-cooked dinner – Create a special romantic dinner with lean meats and veggies. Splurge and have some red wine.  The "red variety” is filled with a healthy dose of resveratrol, an antioxidant "thought to have healthy implications for the heart”.

·       Dark chocolate candy – Dark chocolate with at least 70% of cocoa is better than the milk chocolate variety. Cocoa is a source of polyphenols – the same kind of antioxidants found in red wine and green tea.

·       Music – Playing your favorite music or enjoying a concert with someone can help energize and relax you.

·       Live heart healthy – Get Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar screenings together.  Most local clinics and doctors offer these procedures.

However, you celebrate this special occasion, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!